Sorting Thoughts  v.1.3.0

The easy way to sort your thoughts. Sorting Thoughts is a professional software designed to enable you to keep your thoughts and ideas in order. Sorting Thoughts Features: 1. Simple Editing: Keep the focus on the content of your thoughts. 2. Tagging:

Thoughts for the day  v.

Very plain and simple app. It contains thoughts about life that helps one be inspired and motivated through the day and through life too. Pass it onto a friend and get a smile on thier face. Make someone wise by just one thought provoking statement.


Great Thoughts  v.

This application is designed to deliver Great Motivational, Religious Thoughts. This app is really really help you in your life. This App supports to send Thoughts via Message, via Email, or Share on Facebook, Twitter,

Thoughts&Prayers  v.

Everyone needs help from time to time. In this day, people are looking fro jobs, have health issues, family problems, or even know someone that is serving in the military somewhere in the world.

Slovak Bible Thoughts  v.

This application shows daily quote from the Bible with short prayer in Slovak, and a thought to think about. The application requires internet connection. Táto aplikácia zobrazí na každý deň citát z písma s komentárom na zamyslenie a

Thoughts-At-Play  v.0.1

These tools are a simple way to experiment with programming objects and APIs. Personal Diary  v.6.00

This very easy-to-use product allows you to write down your thoughts every day to a password-secured file that is saved with a special encryption engine so that definitely no-one but you can open and change it without knowledge of your password!

Idea Cruncher

A simple tool for gathering your thoughts. Use it to plan writing projects, manage to-do lists, and capture brainstorming. Imagine you're starting a new project. As a first step, you get out a notepad to plan. Soon your mind is bombarding you with great

TipRecorder  v.1 1

TipRecorder is a software (database and screensaver) that records your personal affirmations, ideas and thoughts (called 'Tips'), and prompts you with a different affirmation (selected at random) each time you click on the application window.


BrainStorm helps you think, plan and organize quickly, thoroughly and effortlessly. You can create order out of information chaos. BrainStorm enables high-speed thinking, planning and organizing. You can capture, store, modify and rearrange ideas and

Magic Beads

Tired of rushing and running? Magic Beads is a perfect retreat for relaxation! This real time, unhurried logic game purifies your mind and gives your thoughts renewed impetus for more productive work. Simply rotate colors of falling blocks to line up


If you need a free text search and replace tool, here it is. No cost, no malware, no spyware, no odd-ware of any kind and it is totally free. Please use it and report back any thoughts, bugs or whatever on it!! This also has the ability to have favorite

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